Key figures

The Otto Group stands for the human side of e-commerce: for sustainability, for social responsibility, for secure jobs. All that is only possible on the basis of solid and sustainable business operations focused on the future. Our good positioning in all important areas is reflected in our key figures.

Group total

Key figure
Salesin EUR bill.16.115.6
Increasein %+2.7
Increase on a comparable basis*in %+12.9
E-commerce revenuein EUR bill.12.19.9
Increasein %+21.6
Increase on a comparable basis*in %+12.0
EBITDAin EUR mill.1,2041,294
EBITin EUR mill.677688
EBTin EUR mill.1,8631,104
Profitin EUR mill.1,814971
Group equityin EUR mill.5,4952,223
Net financial debtin EUR mill.7141,423
Free cash flowin EUR mill.8672,547
Employees (on a comparable basis)**number43,24941,941

Credit metrics***

Key figure
Cash EBITDAin EUR mill.1,7651,742
Group equity quotain %40.120.8
Debt service ratiorelation0.40.8
Debt to equity ratiorelation0.10.6

Key Sustainability indicators (selected targets in the CR Strategy ****)

Key figure
Actual value in 2021Target value in 2025
Reduction in adjusted CO₂e emissions (compared to the base year 2018)in %-18-40
Share of preferred fibersin %5365
Share of FSC®-certified furniture productsin %78100
Share of sustainable catalog paperin %77100
Share of sustainable packaging (target value refers to 2023)in %71100

* The increase on a comparable basis represents revenue growth adjusted for exchange rate changes as well as effects arising from changes in the scope of consolidation.

** Since the development of the number of employees in the 2021/22 and 2020/21 financial years was influenced to a significant extent by changes in the scope of consolidation, the figures are presented on a comparable basis.

*** A definition of these financial key figures can be found in the Group Management Report under “Credit Metrics”.

**** The CR strategy is implemented by all Group companies that make a significant contribution to the Otto Group’s external revenue over two consecutive financial years. The CR strategy is described at length in the “Sustainability” chapter.